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September 18th, 2017

No doubt divorce is an emotional time for all members of the family. The couple has to find some type of common ground on many issues. Division of assets, child support, spousal support and more. In all cases the best interests of the child must be thoroughly examined. Typically this takes place during the mediation process. You and your spouse will be able to look at the child’s best interests and make a decision based on these factors.

Parenting Mediation

It’s easy for children to get caught up in the conflict of divorce and can often become a pawn used by the parents. To avoid hurting the children, mediation gets both parents to look at the bigger picture. When a couple can look at the child and put aside the issues they have towards each other, a fair and positive solution can come about. Children should have the ability to spend time with both parents and have the right to be provided for by both of them.

Parenting plans San Diego

Clear Wording

When both parents have come up with an agreed-upon solution that is based on the best interests of the child or children, a parenting plan needs to be prepared. It is imperative that this plan includes clear wording so that nothing can be misconstrued later on. If anything in the mediation agreement is worded vaguely, this can cause even more conflict down the road. When the final agreement has verbal clarity, both parties know exactly what is expected and what is enforceable.

The Child’s Developmental Needs

Make sure you pay attention to the ages of the children involved and their developmental needs. Special needs should also be addressed during this process. Flexibility will definitely be required to account for the changing needs of the child as they grows up. Based on these needs, The clauses prepared in any plan must be realistic and feasible. An experienced mediator knows how to write up such a plan in a clear and distinct way according to the solutions presented by the couple, which are based on the child’s needs. With a clear-cut solution written in a clear and concise format, both parents will know exactly what is expected in terms of accessibility to the child and his upbringing.

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