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These are some of the frequently asked questions we field from our clients concerning their San Diego, La Quinta, and all Southern California divorce and family law issues. If you have more questions about your case, schedule your free consultation today.

How long does a divorce case take?

A divorce is not final for a minimum of six months. Since family law is all we do, we are often able to expedite cases as a result of our years of experience.

My divorce is simple, do I need to hire a divorce lawyer?

Of Course you can always try to litigate the divorce yourself. However, hiring a San Diego, La Quinta, and Southern California divorce attorney is the best choice because unlike you, we do this everyday.

What is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

A Certified Family Law Specialist is an attorney designated by the State of California as an expert in family law and whose practice is dedicated to family law.

Can my marriage be annulled?

Yes, however there are specific grounds that must be established to have a nullity judgment granted by the court. Please call for details.

Does mediation work?

Sometimes. However, in every instance you deserve and need your own independent representation, whether your San Diego, La Quinta, and Southern California divorce attorney is present during mediation or simply advises you “behind the scenes.”

Can you help me with child custody and visitation?

Yes, we devote much of our practice to custody and visitation. We are profoundly involved with these issues.

How much support will I pay / receive?

California has a complex guideline child support formula that is primarily predicated upon the respective incomes of the parties and the amount of time each parent spends with the minor child or children. In terms of spousal support, the Court must consider all the factors delineated in California Family Code Section 4320. Please call for a free consultation to discuss this critical right.

If child support is based on a formula, how will hiring a Certified Family Law Specialist help my case?

Once a judge reaches a conclusion as to the requisite numbers he can input those numbers into a computer and determine guideline child support. Arriving at those numbers requires the skill, expertise and input from a Certified Family Law Specialist. Often, the court cannot determine those critical factors until extensive evidence is provided and legal arguments have been made by a San Diego divorce attorney. An entire trial can be dedicated to presenting evidence that assists a judge in his or her effort to reach financial conclusions.

Can I move out of state with the children?

Yes, we have handled many of these cases enabling people to obtain the required Court order to move out of state with the children.

May I count on my San Diego, La Quinta, and Southern California divorce lawyer to return my telephone calls?

Our company policy is your telephone call will be returned the same day it is received.

What about grandparents’ rights?

The rights of grandparents have been the subject of extensive appellate decisions. Pursuant to recent case law, grandparents still have some rights. Please contact us for additional details.

How do I obtain / defend a restraining order case based on allegations of domestic violence?

This is a profoundly important area of the law, potentially impacting every part of a person’s life. We are involved in these cases every single day and have enormous experience in this regard. It is far too important a subject to attempt to answer summarily. Call for further information.

How do I collect my support?

We have many tools to help in this regard including wage assignments, trust accounts, and others.

Do you ever file an appeal in a family law case?

Yes and we have an outstanding record of success in terms of filing and defending appeals.

Do you give free consultations?

Yes, it is very important for you to feel comfortable with your San Diego, La Quinta, and Southern California family law attorney and we are delighted to consult with you, answer your questions and allow you to determine if you are interested in engaging our firm to handle your case as your legal counsel. If you would like a free consultation please call our office to schedule an appointment at (619) 232-9260.