Children of Divorce Less Likely to Earn Degree

Being a child of divorce nearly halves the likelihood that a young person will earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree compared to someone whose parents remain married, new research suggests.

Determining exactly why will take more digging. Researchers at Iowa State University analyzed 15 years of data from the National Longitudinal Survey ... Read More

Parenting Plans – San Diego Divorce

September 18th, 2017 No doubt divorce is an emotional time for all members of the family. The couple has to find some type of common ground on many issues. Division of assets, child support, spousal support and more. In all cases the best interests of the child must be thoroughly ... Read More

Protect Your Business in a Divorce

September 14th, 2017 It's definitely not something you think about when you are dating, but the truth is half of the people who get married will at some point get divorced. It's already a painful process, so if you are business owner consider using a prenuptial agreement to address what happens ... Read More

San Diego Spousal Support – San Diego Law

September 8th, 2017 Either spouse can request spousal support when a person files for a divorce.  Spousal support is a “legal obligation on a person to provide financial support to their spouse after marital separation or divorce” (Wikipedia). Many factors go into determining spousal support: Read More

Why doing your research is important

When you decide to separate or divorce, there are going to be a lot of hard decisions to make. You may have purchased vehicles, a home, made investments and gathered personal possessions along the way. There is a lot of emotion involved when the relationship is becoming dismantled and a ... Read More

Always Leave An Option Open

We are often surprised and somewhat dismayed to observe how frequently business people and their legal representatives will “draw lines in the sand”, “dig in their heels” or otherwise put themselves in an untenable position if thing don’t go just their way.  Whether handling an Alternative Dispute Resolution case dealing with, ... Read More