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How a custody agreement can be impacted by social media

In today’s society, individuals of ages are interconnected through media sites.

While this helps keep residents in California and elsewhere connected to old friends and family members that live in different cities, states and even counties, these media platforms are not entirely beneficial. For divorcing parents, the details and usage of social media could negatively impact the outcomes of dissolution for one or both spouses. Moreover, the children involved could also be harmed in the process, especially if it impacts a child custody arrangement.

Social media and the Internet are, in general, very beneficial and practically necessary for many Americans today. Therefore, it is important to note ways to reduce the possibility of a divorcing parent’s presence on social media from harming a custody agreement or any other divorce decisions.

First, divorcing parents should not use their social media sites as a platform to discuss or disclose their financial situation. Such information could be used against the spouse when it comes to property division, alimony, child support or other divorce issues addressed in a divorce decree.

Second, divorcing parents should use caution when sending texts and emails to one another or when sending messages with sensitive content related to the divorce. These messages could be used against a parent in court, resulting in an unfavorable custody decision.

Lastly, use much discretion and caution when posting pictures on social media sites. The date, time, location and whether a child was there could all be factors used against the other parent. Although it might be impulsive to just delete your social media accounts, taking this drastic step during dissolution could actually be considered destruction of evidence. Therefore, divorcing parents should always exercise discretion when using social media sites during and after a divorce.

Those unsure of the steps they could take should timely become informed. This could greatly help a divorcing parent address any potential harmful evidence on their social media sites. Moreover, it could help them better protect their rights and the interests of their children.

Source:, “A Look at How Social Media Is Impacting Divorce Cases,” Ben Carrasco.

Divorce Rules Change: Here’s Your New Strategy For Alimony

Amid a tax change to the support known as alimony, couples likely will fear divorce even more.

In addition to all of the traditional reasons, the Trump tax reform creates new rules that will give many couples getting divorced additional, painfully conflicting goals — financial and emotional.

New alimony tax rules, included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, apply to divorce or separation agreements executed after Dec. 31, 2018. Because the changes can dramatically affect finances, experts say the new rules intensify the divorce process. They also raise the specter that at least one soon-to-be-ex-spouse could take a big financial hit.

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Divorce is Messy – Especially When You Own Bitcoin

It ain’t easy owning bitcoin. Back in the day, you could own 50 BTC and nobody cared. But now that the digital currency is actually worth something, everyone wants a piece.

Thieves, friends who didn’t listen, the taxman, and, when your marriage breaks down, your spouse. The blockchain might be immutable, but love isn’t. What happens to your bitcoin when you break up?

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Picking The Best Divorce Lawyer For You

Making a decision to divorce is one of the most significant decisions you can make in life. Almost as important is the selection of your divorce attorney. This article lists some things to consider when making that selection.

Choosing a divorce lawyer may be one of the most important decisions you make during your divorce process, not only are not all divorce lawyers created equal, but each of us have our own unique persona and set of priorities in our case, which makes it even harder to find a great fit.

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Prince Harry will marry a divorced American — and the church is fine with it

When Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry, they’ll be marking several firsts for the royal family. The royal wedding is set for this spring

Stay tuned for reports next year on surging divorce rates as men and women worldwide get divorced in hopes of getting engaged to a prince or princess of their own:

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Children Lose When A Divorced Parent Is Coerced Out

Children Lose When A Divorced Parent Is Coerced Out

What some divorcing parents would relish, more than anything, is for the other parent to vanish. They believe that would solve all their quandaries. What they don’t apperceive is that when one parent vanishes, the children’s quandaries generally get worse.

A few years ago a case in the Court showed us what a high price children can pay when they lose a parent through divorce.

The case had commenced 14 years earlier. The divorcing parents had a one-year-old daughter. They were quarreling about how much time dad should spend with her. At some point the mother grew weary of the fight, and she peregrinate to Nevada where she filed a second divorce suit. People could do that back then. It seems the father had withal grown weary of the fight, because he ignored the Nevada court papers.

When the Nevada judge didn’t aurally perceive from the father, he signed a divorce decree, provided by the mother’s lawyer, which verbally expressed the mother was to have sole custody. The father was to have no visitation rights at all. It additionally verbalized the father needn’t pay child support. I conjecture the mother’s lawyer thought no time/no mazuma was a fair deal.

What brought this back to other court 14 years later, was the fact that when the child was in her 15th year, she endeavored suicide.

The psychologist who was treating her verbally expressed the major contributing factor to her suicide endeavor was that she had an excruciating longing to ken her father. Everyone has auricularly discerned of adopted children who move heaven and earth to endeavor to find their birth parents. Children want to ken their parents.

The psychologist verbalized that the adolescent girl had always inculpated herself for her daddy’s absence. She had celebrated, Everybody’s daddy dotes them except my daddy. He doesn’t dote me. I must be unlovable.

He explicated that children who lose a parent virtually always cerebrate it is their fault.

He verbally expressed that what it would take to make this child whole and salubrious again was to find her father.

The mother was back in the Court to ask the Court to avail her find him, because he authentically had vanished. The Court has no resources to avail locate missing parents. The irony in this case is that the mother is now spending her own mazuma to pay a private investigator to endeavor to find the father.

Fourteen years after she had won it all in Nevada, this mother learned that her own victory was her daughter’s loss, that a parent’s wishes and needs can be different from–even antithesis to–a child’s wishes and needs. Unfortunately, the mother learned all this at the daughter’s expense.

When a parent’s needs are different from a child’s needs, we can only hope the child’s needs will come first.

Habits That Could Be Divorce Indictors

University of California-Berkeley and University of Washington psychologists researched behaviors that could be good indicators for future divorce.

A recent study of 373 newlyweds found that if these behaviors were exhibited, divorce was more likely, even as far as 16 years down the line. Read four of these indicators below:


A blend of outrage and nauseate, hatred is much more regrettable than consistent old disappointment. It fundamentally implies you see your accomplice as underneath you, not an equivalent. It could be the kiss of death in a relationship. On the off chance that you always feel more quick witted, better or potentially more touchy than your accomplice, you’re additionally more averse to see their suppositions as substantial. You’re additionally – significantly – not going to attempt and see their viewpoint.


Feedback’s definition is basically in the name. It includes transforming something your accomplice did into an announcement about their character. Feedback regularly happens inside, such as stifling non-useful feelings on your accomplice’s conduct. These can include and breed disdain and scorn.


It’s alright to safeguard yourself amidst a contention, however dropping to part of casualty frequently is a notice sign. Assuming liability for your part in an extreme circumstance can be awkward yet it can keep an awful circumstance from making a huge deal about. Getting into antagonism resembles venturing into a sand trap. It’s anything but difficult to enter yet difficult to exit.


Closing off discussion is effortlessly as noxious as something prefer scorn, since it averts tending to hidden issues. It’s reasonable – contentions suck. Nobody needs to be in one, yet frequently they’re solid things to have. They don’t have to decline into shouting matches and thinking about the love seat, yet just as a vessel for voicing conclusions. Packaging your emotions and deterring yourself to your loved one is a restricted track to separate.

In the event that you end up relating to any of these things, don’t stress. The initial step – and frequently the hardest – is sucking it up and letting yourself know and your accomplice. Acknowledging when you’re doing it and pulling your head in next time you get yourself frantically moving fault could end up sparing your marriage.

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Could dating somebody involved in a divorce result in any legal ramifications?

August 15th, 2017

It can be a bit risky to date somebody who has not yet finalized a divorce and had the paperwork completed.

Often times there are legal ramifications that could negatively impact the individual who is dating a person going through a divorce.  These issues could possibly affect the divorcing partner and their former significant other.

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How To Find A Good Divorce Lawyer In San Diego

July 29th, 2017

If you are looking for a San Diego divorce lawyer you will likely interview a few lawyers and choose among them. Common mistakes that many people make are that they choose the cheapest option or the lawyer that makes big promises that they are unlikely to keep. The best course of action is to choose a San Diego divorce lawyer with experience regarding the facts and issues surrounding your case.
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Common Issues In Uncontested Divorces

July 22nd, 2017

Uncontested divorces, or divorces without litigation, can be cost and time efficient and save you a lot of stress. An uncontested divorce is the perfect solution for two parties that are ready to move forward with their lives, do not hold bitter feelings towards one another and are willing to listen to sound logical advice with the big picture in mind.

In this blog we will discuss the common issues that occur in uncontested divorces and how your San Diego divorce lawyer at Dunne & Dunne can help you to navigate this process.
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Setting the Groundwork For An Amicable Divorce

July 8th, 2017

Nobody sets out to have a contentious divorce. The process is already an emotional one so you likely want it to be as quick and painless as possible. Taking the following steps with your San Diego divorce lawyer to allow for an amicable divorce will help you to achieve this goal and avoid unnecessary litigation.

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Preparing To Meet With Your San Diego Divorce Lawyer

July 1st, 2017

If you are facing the end of your marriage the best option is to hire a divorce lawyer. Divorce can be an emotional endeavor that is difficult to manage on your own. Hiring a San Diego divorce attorney to represent you with your best interests in mind will result in the most amenable outcome. In order to maximize your initial consultation there are three ways that you can prepare to meet with your San Diego divorce lawyer.

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